Primordial Evils

Session One: Down in Darkled Depths

Attack on the Airstepper Messenger


Character Rebuilds

  • Boernon- bravura presence warlord rebuilt as tactical presence warlord
  • Ugarth- pursuit avenger rebuilt as two-weapon ranger
  • Lymil- changes to ability scores
  • Krio- changes to ability scores
Session Two: The Catacombs of Thanatos

(As too much time had passed since the last game, we basically restarted with this session, ignoring the previous session which was only an extended combat encounter anyway.)

After slaying the half-orc rebel known as Irontusk, the party were confronted with a patrol of earthsoul genasi from the Ground Defence League. The party was arrested and taken by boat and by drake-drawn wagon to the earthmote containing the Courthouse. It wasn’t long before the party was released thanks to the intervention of a stormsoul genasi of obvious wealth and influence known as Lady Tkurez Aaqa-Zul.

It seemed that Lady Tkurez had a mission for the party to perform and she asked them to come to her manor house on another earthmote closer to the Akanafalls as soon as possible. To that end she gave them a letter sealed with her house seal granting them passage by boat across the Airspur harbour, together with directions to her manor house.

While the directions were easy to follow, the short boat journey was quite eventful. A large creature known as a krakenspawn surged up from the depths and lashed its spined tentacle around Boernon. However, it wasn’t fast enough for his friends. Ugarth buried his axe deep in the creature’s side tearing a massive bleeding wound which was shortly followed by Krio’s shout invoking Bahamut’s power as he breathed out the power of the platinum dragon’s frozen exhalation freezing the krakenspawn nearly solid while simultaneously severing the tentacle that had captured Boernon. As the frozen beast gradually sunk beneath the surface, the platinum power of Bahamut ended its life.

The watersoul genasi captaining the boat explained that it was known as a krakenspawn. It was essentially a squid-like creature with spines on its tentacles but also a creature of supernatural evil. It seems they have only been encountered in the past year or so; before that they were unknown.

The rest of their short journey was uneventful and the party soon arrived at the manor house. It was an opulent building on the side of an earthmore with a wonderful view over the Akanafalls. The house’s coat-of-arms was above the gates, a downward-poiting sword with a jagged lightning bolt for a blade and a hilt comprised of feathered wings.

Things I need to expand upon:

  • talking to the butler, information about the Wind Dukes of Aaqa
  • dinner with Lady Tkurez
  • her brother’s spellscar, his ship- the Sea Wyvern, his relationship to the Sons of Khrulis
  • the Order of Blue Fire, the missing spellscarred genasi
  • the ransom demand for her brother in exchange for a family heirloom (not described)
  • the mission: magic weapons, minor quest, major quest, 2,000 gp
  • journey through the catacombs
  • arrival at the “entrance sarcophagus”, battle with ancient Chessentan warriors and their skeletal captain, appearance of a kenku assassin bearing an unholy symbol of Shar, treasure
  • entrance to the Catacombs of Thanatos-proper, bullying the thugs, challenging Narfung the Cyricist, the Dark Sun appears, tossing a half-orc into a chasm, taking prisoners, treasure
Session Three: Lost Temples of Ancient Chessenta, Part One

The Return of Irontusk


The great cavern & temple

Cleansing the defiled temple of Zeus & the summoned memory of Cerberus


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