Akanûl is a land defined by extreme geography, eldritch beasts, and genasi. A new nation formed in the devastated and warped lands between Chessenta and Chondath, Akanûl has overcome great adversity and is now a name to be respected and feared.

This land is characterized by crazed stone spires, cavernous ravines, and cliffs like petrified waves. Free-floating earthmotes host miniature forests, grasslands, and lakes. Ever-replenishing waterfalls flow from watermotes to drape the land below in curtains of mist. The wild landscape seems perfectly suited to the tempestuous genasi who claim the land as their own. They breed several varieties of drakes to assist them in trade, transport, and war.

Akanûl’s capital and largest city, Airspur, holds the bulk of the population. Otherwise, the claimed territory is mostly frontier. The shattered ruins of Chondathan cities lie broken at the bottom of ravines or thrust high atop stone buttes, a constant draw to adventurers seeking troves of lost gold. Predators native to Abeir hunt shadowed lowlands, while ravenous abolethic horrors stalk the cloud-girdled northern skies, pursuing their own inscrutable plans.

Common Knowledge

Genasi of Returned Abeir crafted a nation out of the severe geography left in the Spellplague’s wake. Many of Faerûn’s widely dispersed genasi flocked to Akanûl after its formation, but genasi of Abeiran descent make up most of the nation’s populace.

Regional Features

With chasms that sink into the bowels of the world and spires rising to touch the clouds, Akanûl is daunting and treacherous. Despite the challenges of simple travel, civilization has prospered, taking advantage of trade routes along the Sea of Fallen Stars and of newly revealed resources.

Airspur: Built from sea to sky, Airspur is a city of wondrous sights and inventions. Earthmotes and mountains are connected by means of bridges, flying steeds, magical teleportation, and a system of pulleys and counterweights. The result is a sprawling city of mechanical and magical marvels.

New Breen: Rising up above the Bay of Akanûl, this city stands on an earthmote and is inhabited almost entirely by genasi. The city was created in the image of an Abeiran genasi city called Breen. Waters flow from an unseen source deep within the earthmote, spilling in a perpetual mist into the sea below. The falls encircle an island neighborhood known as Lower Breen, which is a rich and thriving trading port. The island prospers as a gateway between the east and west.

Deepspur: Although most genasi of Akanûl have the windsoul manifestation, those who manifest other elements gravitate to Deepspur, a city built into the sheer cliffs that sink into a chasm in the Akanapeaks. The precious gems and metals found in the caves surrounding this city have made Akanûl rich, but of late, many genasi and other humanoids have disappeared from Deepspur without a trace.

People of Akanûl

Akanûl is populated almost entirely by genasi, with the exception of a few coastal pockets of traders and merchants of other races. The nation’s seat of power is Airspur, where Queen Arathane rules along with the Stewards of Earth, Fire, Sea, and Sky.

Much of Akanûl’s population consists of merchants who act as go-betweens for traders on the Sea of Fallen Stars. Akanûl prospers from a constant influx of foreign trade, resulting in a large middle class.

Akanûl is an enemy of the Abolethic Sovereignty and has offended Cormyr by allowing a Netherese embassy. The nation also has a rivalry with Tymanther and views Calimshan as morally bankrupt. Otherwise, Akanûl maintains positive relations with Faerûn’s inhabitants.


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